[KITA] Traditional Korean Liquor

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Quick Details
Product Type:
Rice Wine
Alcohol Content (%):
Korean Rice Wine (Makgeolli)
Sugar-Free, dietary fiber, amino acids
Pet bottle
Place of Origin:
Seoul, South Korea
Brand Name:
Buja 10 500ml
Shelf Life:


Buja 10 is a traditional Korean rice wine called "Makgeolli"


Alcohol Degree
375ml, 300ml
We offer the person who desires deep taste of Korean fermentable resource.


  • BUJA is a new wine developed by the chairman Bae SamMyun, who is a great master in producing Korea traditional wine. The famous 'KOOKSOONDANG BAK SE JU' was also developed by him. He focused on the white material in the bottom of original wine rather than the refined rice wine in the upper part of original wine. According to Chosun Wine producing history published in 1935, the upper classes in Seoul liked to drink this kind of wine called 'Won Ju' (original wine). Water is not added to BUJA. It is a high quality wine with 15% alcoholic content.
  • BUJA is full of fibrous cells
    The white material in BUJA has highly fibrous cells. It fermented the traditional Korean rice sanitarily and crushed the undiluted solution with the strength of 130 mesh. It uses almost all grains of rice increasing fibrous cells. According to Dr. Danis P. Barket, a member of the royal society, fibrous cells are good for our body. Fibrous cells are deeply connected to human health. Dr. Barket stated that diseases of adults are more frequent in advanced countries than in underdeveloped countries in Africa. He found the people in advanced countries didn't eat fibrous cells as much as they had eaten. Okuda Dagudo, professor at Ehime University in Japan, also says that the fibrous cells in the white material are good for out health.
  • Fine quality unrefined rice wine
    According to Chosun Wine producing history published in 1935, the upper classes in Seoul loved to drink unrefined rice wine called Hap Ju that had alcohol content of 9%, 13% and 16%. In Japan they produce fine quality unrefined rice wine called " Nigorijake" that has alcohol content of 14-18%. It is enjoyed by many people, as it is recognized that this wine is good for health. This Hap Ju contains an organic acid, amino acid and vitamin.
  • Importance of BUJA
    BUJA revives the taste of traditional Korean unrefined rice wine improving and diversifying its quality to inherit and develop traditional Korea.